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World Series Champion Impact on Card Value

November 6, 2011

Would you think that winning the World Series would affect the value of a player’s baseball cards?  Would you think that Albert Pujols’ cards would increase in value, once he and his Cardinals brethren won the World Series?

My gut reaction to those questions would be yes.  The fanfare associated with becoming World Series Champion would have some affect on a Cardinal player’s baseball card values wouldn’t it.  Well, that answer isn’t so clear.  From looking at recent sales, it’s not clear that there has been any impact whatsoever on St. Louis Cardinal player’s card values.  In particular, Chris Carpenter and Albert Pujols baseball cards do not seem to have hit higher values post-World Series than they did before the World Series, in general.

Has this been your experience?  Or have you seen an uptick in the price of Cardinal’s cards?  Please let us know what you’ve seen.  Thanks!

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