What I'm Reading: WSJ, Yankee Signing, Houston Idol

January 13, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports on baseball cards, or sports cards to be exact, as an investment. Did you know they kept a Sports Card Industrial Average (like the Dow

Jones Industrial Average), that is put together by Beckett?  They do, and it has done quite well.  Still think that sports cards can’t be treated like an investment?  (The most famous card in the world actually brought the index value down quite a bit.) 

Reading on the LoHud Yankees Blog about the Bronx Bombers signing a new outfielder.

Checking out Minor League Ball to find out who the top prospects are in the Houston Astros system. Looks like catcher, Jason Castro, is the top prospect for the ‘Stros. (Wasn’t he a contestant on American Idol recently? :-) )

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