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Today’s Top 5 Players To Collect

April 12, 2008

Which of today’s current player’s baseball cards should you be collecting, if you are collecting for future card value?  We’re talking about guys who aren’t currently Hall of Famers, but will be several years from now.  Let’s look at a few of the players you should be considering when collecting baseball cards for value.  In a future article we’ll look at the actual cards of these players you should be collecting. 

1)  Derek Jeter– He’s a sure-fire Hall of Famer five years after he decides to retire, which may not be for several years from now.  Derek is the ultimate type of player whose cards you’d want to collect.  The captain of America’s most beloved baseball team (and reviled baseball team – but that’s beside the point), a World Series Champion, World Series MVP, great clutch hitter, excellent shortstop, and model athlete.  He’s only played with one team, and that team is the most popular team, arguably, in the world.  This only boosts his collectible value.  Add to all this the fact that you almost never hear anything but positive news about him, and you have the ultimate player whose cards you’d want to collect. 

2)  Albert Pujols– Playing his entire career, so far, with the Cardinals, another one of America’s favorite teams, Pujols has established himself quickly as one of the finest hitters ever.  He was the NL ROY in 2001, NL MVP in 2005, is a three-time silver slugger, and six-time All-Star.  He has never batted lower than .314 for a full season in his career.  (He currently holds a career batting average above .332).  Including his rookie year, his lowest home run total in a season has been 32 (in 2007).  Okay, we could keep going on with the stats but you get the point.  The guy is good.  Real good.  It’s why you should be picking up his baseball cards now, well before he’s enshrined in the Hall. 

3)   Alex Rodriguez– Why?  Because he’s probably the best all-around baseball player the sport’s had in quite a time.  If he continues on pace, he should become the all-time home run champion, if he can stay healthy.  His statistics are amazing, and he’s put up big numbers on all three pro teams he’s played with.  (The fact that he’s played for three different teams is a slight detraction from his card’s value.  After all, if you’re a Yankee fan, doesn’t having a rookie card of Rodriguez in a Mariners uniform take a little value away from the card for you?)  Don’t forget too, that he was the sport’s best defensive shortstop and he made the seamless switch to third base. 

4) Ichiro Suzuki– Speed and Average.  Ichiro uses those two tools better than the large majority of all current players.  He currently holds lifetime batting average above .330, and the least amount of stolen bases Suzuki has had in one season was 31 in 2002.  Ichiro has obviously played his entire career with the Mariners, and is the baseball idol of an entire nation in the Pacific.  You also never hear anything untoward about Ichiro on or off the field. 

5)  David Wright– Playing in the big apple, Wright has endeared himself to Mets Nation (if you can use that term).  Not only does he wield a hefty bat, with a career average over .300 and double digits in homers each year in the bigs, but he’s also flashed some speed, swiping 34 bases in 2007.  He has a good glove and is improving on defense.  He is also a big community contributor and the consumate team player.  Some would compare him to Derek Jeter.  That’s why he makes this list.  

That’s it, your top 5 players to collect, who still take the field today.  Stay tuned for the cards of these players you should collect. 

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