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Derek Jeter Cards to Collect Now

April 14, 2008

As mentioned in the previous article about today’s players to collect now, here are the top three Jeter cards to collect now.

1)  1993 SP Foil Rookie Card, Card Number 279

This is probably the most valuable mainstream Derek Jeter rookie card currently available.  If you can find one of these cards in mint condition, it will certainly be worth serious money.  One of these baseball cards graded PSA 9 or better should be worth somewhere in the $300 range currently on the open market.  Obviously being a Jeter rookie card, it holds particular collectible value with die-hard Yankee fans.


2)  1993 Upper Deck Gold Hologram Rookie Card, number 449

This card is part of a factory set of Gold Hologram cards released by Upper Deck in 1993.  The card was ONLY available as part of the factory set, and in order to verify the hologram on the back is gold, the factory set needs to be opened.  Beckett lists the entire set in near-mint to mint condition as worth ~$150.  The Jeter card in particular is listed at ~$100.  This particular set and Jeter rookie card are fairly rare, making it all the more valuable if you can find the card in mint condition.  As we all know, rarity greatly impacts a card’s future value.


3)  2007 Topps “Error” Card, Card Number 40a

Why this card?  Because it’s in demand.  Although the card is not extremely rare, if you check out any online auction you’ll see several bids for each card. People want this card.  It’s part of the new era of “error” cards out there today.  Think Giuliani celebrating the Red Sox victory.  Having Bush and Mantle added into the card picture is funny and classic.  This card will be remembered as one of the first non-error “error” cards produced.  Your best bet is to try to find this card in mint condition to be graded BGS or PSA 10. 


We’re going to stop at these three cards for now, but please keep in mind, that there are many, many, many more Jeter cards out there that you can invest in which will be valuable years from now.  These are just three of those many cards, which this particular collector thinks will prove valuable down the road.  As with all cards, please remember that you’ll need to find these cards in near-mint to mint condition to get the best value from them.  The better the card condition, the higher the value, as always. 

Any cards you think should be added to this short-list?  Please let me know.  Thanks for stopping by.

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