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Deals on 2011 BDPP and Ginter

March 4, 2012

My wife told me about a deal she found on, where Topps baseball card boxes were 50% off, plus free shipping on $50 or more.  So, even though I wasn’t sure if these were hobby or retail boxes, I couldn’t pass up the deal.

I ordered, and received just a couple days later, two boxes of cards.  2011 Allen and Ginter and 2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.  Both turned out to be good purchases, in my opinion.

All told, I paid around $53 with free shipping. The Ginter box had 24 packs with 6 cards each for 144 total, and the Bowman box had 16 packs with 8 cards each for 128 total.   They were retail boxes, but each box included “hits”.  (The retail Ginter box cost $35, and it is still $72 on and $50 on – both retail).

Joey Votto 2011 AGIn the Ginter box, we picked up a game-used Joey Votto bat memorabilia card, plus several parallels.   In the Bowman box, we got a nice auto card of Chris Balcolm-Miller.

The Ginter cards are always fun to open.  Especially when I open packs with my older daughter like I did this time.  She likes the insert cards like the Portraits in Penultimacy, Minds That Made The Future and in particular any of the cards that feature animals.  I put nine of these cards into a sleeve page for her.  Her first collectible cards.

So as my older daughter, 3 1/2 years old, and I were opening the packs, my younger daughter, 18 mos., walked in.  We said she was too young to open packs right now, but when she got older she could help.

Well, she told us.  After she left the room, I left the room as well to tend to something in the kitchen.  My older daughter ran in not a minute later to tell me that her sister had gotten into the cards.   I mistakenly left the cards in the box on the floor.

I walked into the living room, to find all of the cards on the floor with her sitting on top of them, “swishing” them around in circles with her hands.  I had to laugh.  If I had a Pacquio auto in that bunch, it might not have been quite as funny.

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