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1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Card

March 9, 2008

Think that old baseball cards don’t have value anymore?  Think again.  A 1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Card, PSA 9, recently sold on eBay.  A PSA 9 grade for a 50 plus year old card is extremely rare.  So, as you might imagine, this baseball card sold for quite a sum of money.  It sold for more than a list price 2008 Ford Mustang.  How about almost $28,000? 

The fact that someone kept this card in such excellent condition for 50 plus years is amazing.  Especially when you consider that baseball cards weren’t necessarily kept for their investment value 50 years ago. 

Think of the journey this card could have taken.  Somebody might have cracked open a pack of 1954 Topps baseball cards, and found this rookie card of Henry Aaron, in amongst the Yogi Berra and Eddie Matthews cards.  After chomping on the gum that came with the pack, the lucky holder of this card, might have set the cards aside on a desk or in a box somewhere.  From there they might have sorted through all their baseball cards one day, and put this future eBay gem in amongst all the other 1954 cards in a box somewhere. 

1954 Hank Aaron

Wherever they kept that card, it was kept safe and dry for the next fifty years.  And it was probably done for the sentimental value of just holding on to this particular collector’s baseball cards.   At some point however, baseball cards started to dramatically increase in value and the card’s monetary value seems to have surpassed it’s sentimental value.  Maybe that card is now helping to put a kid through college.  Maybe it’s going towards a down-payment on a new home. 

Who knows?  All we know is that this one piece of cardboard with a picture of the future home run king on the front, went from being priced with other 1954 Topps cards in a pack that cost a grand total of 5 cents, to being sold on the internet 50 years later for $27,999.

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